Jonas Eide is known creator of lightroom presets, so good that he made a business out of it. Clients can buy this lightroom presets from his official website:

Each lens normally costs around 19$ but there is available all in one package with the price tag of 35$

He also has a you tube channel:

But it's only used to teach users how to install the payed lens!

On Snapchat JonasEide is a official lens creator, and his most popular filters are:
KUMAR W GRAIN (also known as kumar with grain), MOODY, KUMAR, OFFWORLD, CREAMY GRAIN, MOODY W GRAIN (also known as moody with grain), WG, BLAND, TRAVEL and the last CHROMATIC PULSE.

Some of this effects, filters or lenses attract big and small influencers and this helped Jonas to grow his account.

From all the lens the most popular filter is the TRAVEL effect, this lens will give the use the possibility to enhance a random photo to the maximum quality possible.

The second most popular is OFFWORLD, this one is perfect for outdoor activities with a bluish and orange pallet, the user photos will look amazing.

Jonas is also a storyteller and a content creator.