Alie Jackson is a multimedia artist and art director placed at Austin, Texas.

Her most popular lenses / filters / effects are:

Crazy Eyes, Horror Collage, CharliesAngelsAJ, MonochromeBones, Teeth, John Wick 3 Pet, Antlers, NIKE JORDAN ASW, Art Face, Abstract Pet Face, Fractured, Essentials Mask, RushHourRituals, Fence Face, Bubbles, Human Dog Face, MMAC I Love Film, Rocks, Abstract Collage, SPS X Alie, 2Art, RAS Astronaut, Picasso Face, BabesFest19, 3Art, Harriet Tubman 20, Stop Signs.

John Wick 3 Pet lens by Alie Jackson

From all of this the John Wick 3 Pet it was super popular during the movie, an also there is a trend of people using the lenses in animals.

She is also an official Lens Creator and Ambassador for snapchat, check her profile here.

Her skills are:

  • Art Direction for video, digital, & print
  • Graphic Design for video, digital, & print
  • 2D Motion Graphics design & execution
  • Illustration in multiple styles & mediums
  • Cel + Keyframe Animation
  • Social AR design & build
  • Production/Set Design & construction
  • Prop & Wardrobe Styling for photo & video shoots
  • Video Editing Music Videos, Narrative, Experimental

Alie also gave talks at:

for more information go to the official website: