lolfilter: How did you hear about Spark AR or Lens Studio?

Mitsuko Ono: When I first saw filters on instagram, I started following a lot of creators. I was curious what program they used to make it and when I saw Noland Chaliha aka alwayscodingsomething post something about Spark AR, I immediately downloaded it.

Compress me by Noland Chaliha

lolfilter: When you started to create filters?

Mitsuko Ono: My very first filter (The Matrix) was published September 2019.

The Matrix by Mitsuko Ono

What was the first filter you ever created?

Mitsuko Ono: The Matrix was my first ever filter but I published it on Facebook because it has hand tracking. Then I noticed no one uses the facebook filters so much so I started publishing on Instagram instead.

Tryout The Matrix - facebook effect here

lolfilter: How is your filter creation process?

Mitsuko Ono: The ideas I get just randomly pop up in my head and whenever they do, I make a note so I don't forget them. Then later if I have the time, I'll start making it until I feel it's good enough for me.

Nani effect made by Mitsuko Ono

lolfilter: How long does it take to create a filter?

Mitsuko Ono: It depends on how complex the filter is. I take a lot of time on animating mostly and making the 3d materials I need.

Cinema 4d is one of the tools used by Mitsuko Ono

lolfilter: Where did you learn how to work with Spark AR?

Mitsuko Ono: Having knowledge of cinema 4d and after effects really helped a lot when it comes to animation. But with the patch editor, everything I know I learned from tutorials from Josh Beckwith, Maru Studio and by subscribing to Noland Chaliha's patreon which I highly recommend. Whenever I have trouble, I just look it up the Spark AR community group and most of the time, the answer is just there. You just really need to look hard.

Marc Wakefield also really helped me a lot back when I was a newbie and even until now when I have problems, I would just post a question and he would have the right answers.

marcwakefieldards Instagram profile photo

Can you recommend Youtube channel or any other place to get resources for learning filter creation?

Mitsuko Ono: I recommend looking up Josh Beckwith, Maru Studio, Noland Chaliha, Luke Hurd, and the compilation of Spark AR tutorials organized and compiled by Billy Ng. I also try to learn basic Javascript to understand some of the patches.

Luke Hurd youtube channel

lolfilter: What is your favorite filter (designed by other creators)?

Mitsuko Ono: This is a hard one as I have so many favourites but If I have to choose only one, maybe I'd pick the very first filter I saw and inspired me to make my own. I thought and still think it's one hell of an idea for a filter. It's called 'Insta Meat' by Vita Caio

Insta Meat by Vita Caio

lolfilter: From all the filters that you made, witch one is your favourite?

Mitsuko Ono: I like all of my filters but my favourite is Nani. I never thought it would blow up like it did. I never thought people will like all the weird stuff I like to make.