lolfilter: How did you hear about Spark AR or Lens Studio?

Caroline Rocha: I heard about spark when i started to review the first filters on instagram... I already knew about Lens Studio but i just recently started to create with it.

lolfilter: Why did you start to create filters?

Caroline Rocha: I started to create instagram filters because i needed to express myself in some way...and create a community where i can help people...

What was the first filter you ever created?

Caroline Rocha: my first one is called Azulejo and i made it to honor my origins.

Caroline Rocha first filter

Tryout Azulejo here

lolfilter: How is your filter creation process?

Caroline Rocha: It's all about feelings i guess...i try to express what i feel into a canvas...and sometimes i just want to make people laugh...

lolfilter: How long does it take to create a filter?

Caroline Rocha: It depends on the assets you put into a filter. In my case i like simple things because i don't have a lot of skills yet can be quick!

lolfilter: Where did you learn how to work with Spark AR?

Caroline Rocha: I learn with tutorials and with the help of other creators and i am still learning...

Robbie Conceptuel makes tutorials for filter creators

Can you recommend Youtube channel or any other place to get resources for learning filter creation?

Caroline Rocha I recommend Luke Hurd, Robbie Conceptuel and Josh Beckwith tutorials. Check more about Robbie Conceptuel @

Marc Wakefield is Caroline Rocha #1 filter creator

lolfilter: What is your favorite filter (designed by other creators)?

Caroline Rocha: Woow!!!! Too many good filters to choose...but my favorite creator is Marc Wakefield...The Master!

lolfilter: From all the filters that you made, witch one is your favourite?

Caroline Rocha: From all the filters i have made, my favorite is Alive...It's about how filters saved my life, it's about how filters saved other life's

Try Alive

Caroline Rocha favorite filter

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