ali most popular filters are devil blush this lens makes the user own to neon devil horns and fake blush on the cheeks, the second most popular effect is aww vhs this one has on the top some old VHS record Heads-Up Display with the fake time and also has a old image ripple from that era, this filter add in the user face two emojis with the aww look, also known by sad puppy eyes.

So far ali has 45 filters, lens or also effects, the most recent one is james glow, he also made experiments with butterflies, such has pink butterflies and blue butterfies.

He has a lens that advertise a big company called Chanel, this filter uses the name chanel vhs, and is quite popular.

angel crown by ali

Ali has some crazy funny filters like angel crown, this one makes the user own a crown made of little angels and also add a fake blush.

peach freckles is a filter to be used with friends, this one will make both users look like they are in love but with an anime cartoon style. To have the same effect but for the singular use ali created the cute star freckles this effect will make the use look like he is in a love status.

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