If you thought that only the common Instagram users used filters to enhance their photos, then you are wrong. There are many celebrities who have used filters on Instagram and Snapchat to make their photos special and attract more followers. Some use the regular filters available on Instagram while others use special filters created by others. But even they are not ready to miss the fun of having their photos edited on the social media app.

Celebrities Using Instagram Filters

Singer Ariana Grande the American singer is a regular on Instagram. She is not shy of using the filters available to make her images look more attractive. But she sticks to the filters that are available on the social media app.

Model Kendall Nicole Jenner has a huge following on Instagram. Her photos constantly receive likes and comment on the platform. She uses not just the filters that are available on the app but also those created by the filter creators.

Bella Hadid is another model and Instagram celebrity who has used filters for making her pictures go wildly viral. Her beauty is accentuated by using these filters. The number of likes on her photos should be evidence enough for the successful use of these filters.

The Brazilian actor Flavia Pavanelli goes one step further in the use of filters. She sometimes uses multiple filters on the same story. This makes her story have more likes. The clever use of filters has helped her increase followers on the Instagram page.

Snap Filter Use By Celebrities

If one filter that has had the celebrities go crazy it is the gender-swapping filter on Snapchat. Many celebrities have tried the filter and their followers have been ecstatic about it. Miley Cyrus posted her picture with masculine features complete with facial hair. The 2 Broke Girls actor has shred more than one picture of hers with male features.

The Game Of Thrones star Emilia Clarke is not far behind in using the filters. She has turned her character Daenerys Targaryen into a male on her Snapchat account using the gender-swapping filter. Another star of the same TV series Kit Harington who plays the character Jon Snow didn’t want to be left out of the game and make himself look feminine on the social media app.

Whether they were done by the celebrities themselves or not, we have seen many celebrity pictures undergo the filter treatment and come up on social media apps. Some have been shared by the celebrities themselves. The trend of using filters on Instagram and Snapchat is likely to continue for long till another trend comes along.