Ben has been creating AR experiences and filters almost since they have first been possible. At this point with more then 100 Snapchat lens available Ben has one of the biggest collections on AR work on any social media account. Always drawn to the more fun side of creativity in this format Ben manages to entertain with every new effect published. Here are some of Ben's most notable work:

Gnomed a classic example of Ben's fun side, we open this filter at first curious about the name and not sure what to expect. Facing the camera the image recognition kicks in and soon a huge cartoon drawing of a gnome appears. Almost completely covering the screen.. Unexpected!

Ben Twerks hilariously again Ben has managed to 3d scan some incredible twerking skills. As you can see when you try this lens its a dance Ben has perfected so well it needed a platform like Snapchat lens to showcase. The only challenge left is can you keep up with Ben's performance?

Rainbow Hair this time Ben has decided to create something more beautiful and stylish. This very well implemented hair color filter adds not just one but every color to your hair. Creating a look pretty you cant help but start adding to your stories excited to see what attention they will generate.

Oldify finally here is an effect to help us look into our own futures. As time passes the image of our own face ages. We are left helpless and disturbed as we voyage into a vision of our future selves. Wrinkles and dry skin shock us as we see our beauty fade. This is inevitable and acceptance of this portrait of us is the only way to endure it.

Find more of Ben's filters here:

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