A fan of cosplay and futuristic 3d make-up. Dadeko is another online character sure to inspire your need for high tech filters. After quickly noticing the impact of online personalities like Lil Miquela, Dadeko jumped into the online scene with an inspired look and personality. Gaining some interest with an impressively consistent style and message. The next step of course was to get involved in the ever growing filter creator scene.

After making an impressive start with the filter Flowerz. A filter were you get to appear as a flower, petals beautifully growing from your eyes. As more petals fall around you to create a peaceful and fun feel. All still in the consistent Dadeko turquoise and purple colors.

The next filter Dadeghoul was a more intense one again with the same color theme. But this time a stronger look as your eyes are replaced with solid glowing spheres and circuit like digital veins cut across a mask like feature exposed on your face.

After this futuristic vision Wingz returns us to a more peacefull feel. As large purple wings appear behind you, and pretty little wing feathers grow from your face. You feel the power of a technological digital justice keeper. Ready to observe and assist in the virtual realm.

The latest effect from this inspired account is Flower Picker. Here we return to our more cutesy origins, as dainty flowers grow from our face. They slowly turn as if some digital wind blows towards us. Occasionally fading between different colors as if to show our change in emotion over time.

Dadeko has a beautiful list of filters and we are, as I'm sure are you, curious for what will come next from this inspired creator.

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