The celebrity Billie Eilish posted today stories talking about this hard times with coronavirus or COVID19 and help the population to open the mids of all the chaos that we are living. Billie Eilish did all this Instagram stories with the effect LiL Icey Eyes made by the creator Paige Piskin.

Billie Eilish uses Paige Piskin Instagram Filter

We already had our little celebration party for Paige Piskin on this page, but i’m so happy you’re getting all this recognition! It’s truly inspiring, motivating and honestly I just thought we could all use some more of that uplifting positive energy during these stressful times!

Paige Piskin liL Icy Eyes

Any who congrats once again Paige Piskin for the hundredth time & i really hope everyone’s doing okay! Please, try to stay calm & positive about the future! If you’re anyhow affected by this Crisis i hope all will end soon & well! Cheers to the future guys!