Spinning Rock it's a studio that works with mixed reality, they build filters for big brands to create awesome lens for snap chat, they where so good Spinning rock was promoted to snapchat official lens and effects creators.

So far Spinning Rock made this filters or lens:
Psychonaut, this lens makes the user look like and astronaut and later we can see a mushrooms.

RollercoastAR, it's a lens that let the use build a rollercoaster in augmented reality!

Fountain, of you, this one uses the main camera to create a beautiful fountain that throws out your face!

MF Doom, it's a filter that uses the selfie camera to display iconic rapper helmet of MF DOOM also known by Daniel Dumile.

Pizza chase, this effect uses the power of augmented reality to display a funny gadget a pizza stuck to a fan with balloons, if you try to catch it the fan starts to blow and the pizza goes away.

Toad Lyfe, displays the mascot of Toad from the https://www.toadlyfe.com/ shop in augmented reality.

Rich or Poor, this filter it's a random game that the use can play with friends.

Flume Skin, this lens was made for the australian record producer, it shows off the cover in augmented reality.

They also made more lens filters or effects that are mostly AR experiments here is the list:
Iicosahedron, Bikini bottom, Graduation, Lambo, Pissed Lego Guy, Astroworld, ShowMeWhatYouGot, Kanye 808s, Jesus is King, Reddit. Click here if you want to check them out.

Spinning Rock works with big companies like, Snap inc, nike, google, lyfy, moviepass, lad bible, vice, snow, syracuse university, columbia.
They also have private course to learn more about filter creation at udemy.

Keep up do date by checking spinning rock oficial website: