Ana Casciello is building an empire on etsy

Ana Casciello, an engineering student in her first year is into a community of official lens creators. Her enthusiasm has made her enter the augmented reality lenses that she is not a Snapchat AR lens creator. She is also planning to take computer science as her major.

How Ana became a Lens creator

Ana an eighteen-year-old engineering student wanted a Snapchat filter to match her style. She tinkered the free ‘Lens Studio’ software of Snapchat and Adobe’s Photoshop to see its effects. She created filters of augmented reality known as lenses. She added a few flower-shaped freckles and stars to her Snapchat photos and ensured it is available to others. Thus, she gained popularity and began growing.

A Lenses community

Ana Casciello is now a part of ‘official lens creators’ community making for Snapchat ‘custom augmented reality lenses.’ There are many more creators revealing their talents and are also earning thousands of dollars.  They have created AR lenses for brands and this includes giant names such as Fanta and Nike, besides selling custom t-shirts merchandise.

Casciello from October 2018, has created more than 30 Snapchat lenses. The admirable point of these lenses is that they feature special effects on videos and photos that overlay digital objects. There are smiling emojis on a crown and a filter of ‘Happy Vibe’ offering a sun-kissed look. There are more than 17 billion views racked up as creations and it has helped amass on this platform more than 214,000 followers for Casciello.

Successful earnings

Now Casciello will be attending in the fall the Virginia Tech to study engineering and computer science. She is selling filters packages on Etsy and they can also be downloaded, edited to be used on platforms such as Instagram. Right from the time she launched in June her online shop, she has earned over $4000.

The other lens official creators on Snapchat charge $1000 as a minimum for a sponsored lens. There are many more official creators of lens as full-time Snapchat lenses creators for brands. However, for complex lenses, the brand creators charge nearly $30,000.

Building complicated lenses is not everybody’s game. It requires one to have technical skills such as 3D modeling, coding, graphic design knowledge, photo editing, and sound graphic design knowledge, besides knowing to use Photoshop.

How to begin with the creator’s journey

An official lens creators’ journey should begin with:

  • Creating your profile and a verified account
  • Possible partnership and revenue opportunities
  • Lens studio expedited support and betas
  • Additional Lens insights performance
  • Swag and more.

The prospects on Snapchat is improving with each year. There are mode additions and the daily users are also increasing with each quarter. Lens creators are creating lenses, regardless of the place Snap is in. Even the recent volatility of Snapchat has not disturbed the creators from earning their eggs. It proves that Snapchat offers its creators a lot of faith and Snapchat is improving continuously to get better and the best in this journey of the creative world.

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