LiL Icey Eyes is the new Instagram effect from Paige Piskin. Paige has been developing her style on Instagram and other social platforms for a while. Her carefully curated and tasteful, yet fun style has been a big success on Instagram. As well as YouTube where she has long developed an interested following, curious of where her style will lead. After the launch of Instagram's user created effects platform last year. Paige saw an opportunity, these effects would definitely be important for the future of the platform. She set to work creating and currently has more then forty filters available.

Only last December she created LiL Icey Eyes, and it has quickly become one of the most popular filters on the app. Being used by many celebrities and influencers. You will understand this after trying it, as it creates a beautiful image. This effect subtly changes your face. It will elongate your eyelashes giving lush volume. Perfectly applies a cool eyeliner widening your eyes and providing the perfect contrast to the pretty icey blue color tint that changes your eyes. No wonder Lil Icey Eyes has been such a success.

Lil Icey Eyes is not the first effect created by Paige though. Earlier she has experimented with many styles. one of her earlier works LiL Snowball shows some of the beginnings of this style. This is a more busy filter with cute virtual pompoms placed in your hair and futuristic edge less glasses creating a distinctive look. But the familiarity is still there. The eyeliner and the eyelashes, unmistakable signs of the work of Paige Piskin. So reminiscent of LiL Icey Eyes.

Since the success of these works Paige has invested more in her filter creations. We see many new effects on her page all the time. Recent effect include the more muted LiL eButterfly a much more dainty effect with a light pink hue. This time strong by smaller eyelashes are applied along with a cute heart shape placed on the forehead. This is a very pretty filter for when your capturing a cuter moment.

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