How to search filters on Instagram?

And how to search filters on Snapchat?

Well to search filters on Instagram we have some tools... the first step is to be lucky enough to have the right A/B test version of instagram.

There is a version with a filter search bar on the to right corner.

Option one: If you have this version follow this steps:

Go to browser effects

Now press the magnify glass

Press the icon on the top right corner

After this you can search any keyword you want!

Option two: If your device is android and you want to force yourself to have the filter search filter finder version with a modded apk!

Get it at: SORRY the apk has been taken down!?

Finally the last option, Option three:

You can use a mobile phone,  a laptop or even desktop, you just need a internet connection and go to this website

Here it's possible to search and preview filters on desktop or try it on your phone.

This website it is super fast and light, it has a direct connection to your Instagram so it will help you to preview and try all the Instagram filters you want on the fly!