One has to be very careful when it comes to using social media platforms. This is because there are so much content there that should not be and cannot be used due to controls set by specific platforms. Often, these controls are in place for the good of the people visiting these social media platforms. One can be greatly influenced by what they see on social media platforms like Instagram and that has to be avoided. The only way that the platform can do it is by imposing specific controls over what content can be posted on it or what cannot be.

Despite you being a celebrity user or just an ordinary user your content can be banned if you do not abide by the regulations that are in place for a specific platform such as Instagram. Let us have a look at how these things affect a normal person using these social media platforms, and more specifically young users.

Factors and how filters affect people

There apparently are said to be many factors that affect young people in particular with what they see and read on social media. One of the main things that affect them is said to be the mental aspect of their fitness and the way they think. This is one of the primary reasons Instagram has come out to ban filters that affect the mental health of young people.

Steps taken to remove filters affecting people

Instagram has removed filters such as AR that are otherwise known as augmented filters. These sensitive filters are said to promote and depict surgeries such as cosmetic ones. These are said to have a negative impact on people which the company strives to avoid so bans them on Instagram.

Other face filters you can use

There are other inbuilt Instagram filters that you can choose to use that are used for pictures. While some of these are directly developed and implemented by Instagram there are others that are developed by users or companies. These are the ones that are approved and one can choose to use while they would like to apply filters to pictures that they wish to upload.

Always remember not to use filters that are banned by Instagram. This is because the chances of your picture being blocked or your account being disabled is quite high. Depicting AR is certainly something that you would wish to keep away from when it comes to using filters. If you are able to follow these guidelines you can use proper filters that are not just capable of enhancing the picture but also help you make a good impression on your social media page.