First of all what is a Waifu?
Waifu is a term used for a non real character, usually in anime, this character is someone great, and sometimes romantic, and with affection for.

And now in Instagram filters and effects.

Waifu filters in instagram are getting better. Let's start with one of the best Waifu filters. This filter is named waifu and it was created by the user sergiobaaaaaaa AKA Sergio Peral

Sergio Peral waifu filter

Check it in your instagram filters @

created by the user sergiobaaaaaaa

In this one we can see a waifu that really loves you and needs all your attention.

The next one is a waifu instagram filter mini game, created by the user raushsham AKA 🇷🇺 Raushan Shamsutdinov

filter Which anime waifu?
Waifu minigame

The user raushsham made this mini game, and this will tell you what is your waifu.

This this waifu filter @

And feel free to check more waifu filters at our gallery: