A lot of Corona Virus are trending in instagram effect, most of the creators just want to get in the trending wagon to collect more subscribers.

Gianpaolo Rosa

Check it out on this gallery, click here Corona Virus Filters.

Also feel free to see Giaanpaolo Rosa Filters.

Some users call out in Spark AR community and this got attention from Instagram / Facebook

Response from Spark AR (Facebook / Instagram)

Some of the Corona Virus filters where removed, but not all of them are bad, some Corona Virus call out for the sensibilization against COVID19.

Corona Virus filters that remember population to use a face mask, are good filters, population awareness is super important in times like this.

Some Celebrities are make it fashionable, by wear blinged-up masks.

sholzy23 - 746k followers

sholzy23 with near 750k followers says:

"Fashion can also be a Protest/Educative not just a Statement...... let’s join hands to fight Covid19."

Also Nigerian celebrities wear blinged-up masks, they turned up to a glitzy award ceremony wearing glittery, jewelled face masks amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Folu Storms wear mask

Ada Afoluwake Ogunkeye also known as Folu Storms wear mask to promote the fight agains COVID19.

Corona Virus by pizzarrow7

This acts help content creators to make CORONA VIRUS Filters in a good way, avoiding chaos and negative impacts.

Still the final word on this matter from Spark AR official was:

Spark AR Creators - COVID1-9 update

The two main points on this subject were:
First, we’ve removed previously-published effects and are rejecting all new effects, which claim to predict, diagnose, treat, or cure coronavirus.

Secondly, we won’t allow people to search for COVID-19 related AR effects on Instagram, unless they were developed in partnership with a recognized health organization.

Hassan Sani post agains this Corona virus filters

Most of the Spark AR community hates easy filters like this, this filter trend is about an alarming situation.