Making money and putting food on the table is something every breadwinner of the family strives to do. In a bid to do this they end up working 2 or sometimes 3 jobs and six days a week to be able to do this. However, what many people fail to understand is that they can make money in an easier way if they have good creativity.

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Choosing to put their creativity to work over the internet can earn them loads of money without having to move out of their homes. Social media platforms such as snapchat and Instagram are a good example on how to earn money using creativity. Filters and masks are created not just by massive corporate companies but also by people who work from their homes. Thus, it gives them a platform to work according to their comfort and still earn the kind of money they had always wanted to.

Ways to make money on Instagram and snapchat

Creating masks and filters are said to be one of the best ways by which one can make money on Instagram. People who have been able to successfully create filters that are popular have earned in leaps and bounds by spending very little time. It is estimated that over 400 million people over the world either create or watch Instagram stories on a daily basis. This gives anyone a wide customer ranges from which they can build their base from. The created masks or filters would have to be attractive so as to ensure that more people start to download and use it. This creates popularity and that in turn brings about more people to use the filters that you have created.

Other options to make money with filters

Apart from just creating filters and masks one can choose to create geofilters, sponsored lens filters and get snap ads that can make their app popular. This would also help them generate a good deal of income from these social media platforms without having to break a sweat.

You would not just be showcasing your ability, and creativity you would also end up earning a good deal of money if you are able to strike the right deal. There are influencers that you can choose to use who can boost your ability to earn and help attain popularity. Always remember, the more popular you are the chances of you earning money on Instagram or snapchat are more. So, wait no more and get on to the internet to find the best ways in which you can make money with your creative ability to make awesome filters and masks.