Pretty Simple:
The application to make filters (or effects) for Instagram is Spark AR download it at:

And the application to make filters (or lens) for Snapchat is Lens Studio download it at:

Minimum Setup to run Lens Studio

Whether it is for personal popularity or for spreading the image of a brand, the use of social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are being increasingly used. These platforms help people reach a wider audience within a short time. Photos and videos are an excellent way to attract people and this is what the users of these platforms do. Uploading as many photo as possible is a great way to grab attention for brands.

Use Of Filters On Social Media Platforms

Gone are the days when ordinary photos got you the attention you need for your Instagram account. People look for funny or quirky pictures. This has made users look for ways to make their pictures more attractive. As these platforms are more populated by youngsters, using such pictures are great way to reach them.

Brands that target the young audience are increasingly using pictures that are edited in a funny way to get their attention. Individual users also use this way to get more followers. Now it is easy to edit your images to make them funny. The launch of AR filters like Spark AR Studio helps you to create the pictures of your choice.

Creating Effects Using Filter Tools On Instagram

It is not difficult creating special effects with the filter tools. You must first download and install the Spark AR Studio app. This can be used in both Mac and Windows. There are many options for starting your project in the home screen itself. You can choose something simple for a start and then move on to bigger and more complicated projects. Face distortion is a usual basic filter that you can try with for a start. The app allows you to upload the altered image to Instagram directly.

Making Your Pictures Livelier ON Snapchat

It is not just on Insta that people are active with special filters. Snapchat is another popular social media platform where people use different filters to create AR images to excite their followers. Lens Studio is an app that helps you to easily create AR images for Snapchat. You can use a variety of filters to alter your face, add location filters or text to your images. You can directly upload the images to Snapchat from this app.

People not only make filters for fun. They are done for promoting and publicizing a lot of social causes. There are special filters that allow you to talk about a lot of social and environmental issues through filters. These filters also help to publicize individual events like a birthday party or wedding.