Make Your Pets Look Amusing Too

Using filters on social media has become a big hit with people. With the introduction of filter apps for both Instagram and Snapchat, people have been using them to enhance their pictures to make them funny. These filters are also used to make photos that can promote a social cause. Brands are also using the AR filters to spread awareness about a brand. With photo sharing apps becoming more and more popular, the filters available are also increasing.

Filters For Your Pets

Users don’t just share their pictures on social media. They also share their friends’ pictures. In addition, many of the users who have pets will share pictures of the pets alone or them with their pets. But isn’t it sad if you cannot make your pet too look interesting with filters? Now it is possible in both Snapchat and Instagram. There are filters that you can use on your pets to make them look cuter.

Snapchat Filters For Your Pets

Snapchat first launched their filters for cats. This was followed by those for dogs. This has greatly excited the users of the image sharing platform. Now they can pose with their pets in equally interesting photos where both of them can wear the quirky look. There are many types of filters that you can use for your pets. When they had first launched the filters for cats, the dog lovers were disappointed. But they soon added the dog filters too.

When you click a photo of your pet a small paw appears on the image. When you press that the photo of your pet is overlaid with a variety of funny filters. There are spectacles for your dogs. Your dog’s face can appear in the middle of a pizza. You can also add butterflies to your pet photos.

Let Your Pet Insta Photos Look Interesting

It is now possible to use filters on your pets. You need to just point the camera at your pets and select the filters that you want to use. Not all filters will suit all the pets. You must find the right filter for your pet and then shoot the animal with the filter.

What is difficult is in getting the pet to be still while you use the filter. This will take some practice. You must make the pet look at the camera using some kind of attraction. You can use a treat to make it look at you and then click the photos with the filters. Use the filters and make your pet an Instagram celebrity.