lolfilter: How did you hear about Spark AR or Lens Studio?
Justin Cole: I don’t know, I probably looked up, “How to make filters on Instagram”. I’ve used Lens Studio before to make a snapchat filter or two and I wanted to do the same on Instagram.

lolfilter: When you started to create filters?
Justin Cole: I started my first instagram filter this January 2020

lolfilter: What was the first filter you ever created?
Justin Cole: My first Instagram filter was called TrapBop the objective is Nod your head to music in certain directions at the right time.

Instagram effect game made by Justin Cole

lolfilter: How is your filter creation process?
Justin Cole: I have an idea and I just go for it. If I have any problems along the way I just look at Documentation or YouTube.

lolfilter: How long does it take to create a filter?
Justin Cole: It depends on the complexity of the filter. I’ve only made two. The first one took me a month in a half to make and the other took 2 days.

lolfilter: Where did you learn how to work with Spark AR / Lens Studio?
Justin Cole: Youtube, Google, and Spark AR Documentation.

lolfilter: Can you recommend Youtube channel or any other place to get Justin Cole: resources for learning filter creation? The Spark AR Masterclasses are pretty good and the Documentation is pretty good.

lolfilter: What is your favorite filter (designed by other creators)? Flappy Bird Justin Cole: was cool, I also saw a Dragonball Z filter with a 3D object of you inside a healing tank.

lolfilter: From all the filters that you made, which one is your favourite?
Justin Cole: Trap Bop is my favorite because: it’s my first filter, it’s a game, I learned so much making it, I wasn’t sure if i’d be able to do it but I persevered and did it, and it took me 4 months to get approved. So it mean’t a lot to me.

Here it is:

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