As of the time of this writing, Snapchat has accrued a stunning 210 million users across all the communities and regions where the app is being supported and used. If that is not impressive, we don’t know what is.

The best thing about this application is not just that it allows people from different walks of life to connect. Far from it. It is the very fact that it allows them to have fun with a variety of filters, lenses, and effects which can be applied to photos and videos.

Venice lens by Ben Courtwright

While there are a lot of users who love what Snapchat offers them in this regard, though, there is a smaller subset of users who just love to contribute to creating those lenses. One such person is Ben Courtwright.

One thing that we have come to love about the collection of Snapchat lenses that Ben brings to the table is the diversity and originality behind them. They have also leveraged on the success of other lenses while eliminating the flaws that users don’t want to see in their pictures and videos.

All that, and we have not mentioned how these lenses have been designed to cater to different skin tones and still pop. That has been one of the biggest problems for many other creators out there.

Of the filters in his lineup, Ben wows with the location-based picks which brings a subtle nostalgia to anyone who has ever been in those places. For us, the top picks here are of the Venice, Egypt, Paris and Texas locations.

There are more which you can check out on your own, but these hit very close to home. Even if you have not been to any of these locations, those lenses will refine the ambiance and texture of your current surrounding to mimic that of your preferred location

Speaking of skin tones, Ben's lenses are so thoughtful that they allow anyone to get a tan, have the tropical blend on their skins or just simply highlight their skin tones as it is. That shows how sensitive the creator is, helping to create something not just out of the fun of it, but keeping to social correctness at the same time.

While there are a lot of lens creators for Snapchat out there, it is rare to meet one as well rounded and capable as Ben Courtwright. Thankfully, he lets his beautiful creations do all the talking for him – and we bet he’s working on even more impressive picks right now.

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