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Instagram filters from user sophie aka Sophie Katirai | صوفي

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Pretty Reindeer 🎄 preview
Pretty Reindeer 🎄
𝔹abygirl ♥︎♥︎ preview
𝔹abygirl ♥︎♥︎
Baby Doll ✦ preview
Baby Doll ✦
Diamond Sparkle ✦✧ preview
Diamond Sparkle ✦✧
Ash K Holm ✦ preview
Ash K Holm ✦
Pretty Grinch 🎄 preview
Pretty Grinch 🎄
Kylie Stole Xmas 💚  preview
Kylie Stole Xmas 💚
Cindy-Lou Who 🎄 preview
Cindy-Lou Who 🎄
Subtle Sparkle ✧ preview
Subtle Sparkle ✧
Feels Like ❄︎ Camera preview
Feels Like ❄︎ Camera
Princess Peach 👑 preview
Princess Peach 👑
Snow White II preview
Snow White II
Snow White preview
Snow White
Stardust Sparkle ✦★✦ preview
Stardust Sparkle ✦★✦
Paris 💖 preview
Paris 💖
Ghoulia Monster High preview
Ghoulia Monster High
Pretty Scary 🎃 preview
Pretty Scary 🎃
Rosy Cute preview
Rosy Cute
Lollipop Ears🍭 preview
Lollipop Ears🍭
ℝ𝔼𝕋ℝ𝕆 𝟠𝟘𝕤 preview
Tan & Grain Camera preview
Tan & Grain Camera
Natural Glow preview
Natural Glow
Billie 💚 preview
Billie 💚
Princess Doll 🦋 preview
Princess Doll 🦋
Candy Hair 🍭 preview
Candy Hair 🍭
Sweet Cherries 🍒 preview
Sweet Cherries 🍒
Peachy Cute 🍑 preview
Peachy Cute 🍑
Pink Hair Don't Care preview
Pink Hair Don't Care
Hot ℂ𝕠𝕔𝕠 preview
Hot ℂ𝕠𝕔𝕠
♥︎ Barbie Glow ♥︎ preview
♥︎ Barbie Glow ♥︎
Pretty Belle preview
Pretty Belle
Princess Bella ✦✦ preview
Princess Bella ✦✦
Colored Eyes ★ preview
Colored Eyes ★
𝐵𝓊𝓉𝓉𝑒𝓇fly Mood preview
𝐵𝓊𝓉𝓉𝑒𝓇fly Mood
Faux Foundation II preview
Faux Foundation II
Cute 𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕕 ⧫︎ preview
Cute 𝕄𝕠𝕠𝕕 ⧫︎
Dolly Dream ☁︎ preview
Dolly Dream ☁︎
Colored Eyes for Two preview
Colored Eyes for Two
Baby Doll Tanned ✦✦ preview
Baby Doll Tanned ✦✦
Ariel アニメ preview
Ariel アニメ
✦✦Amrezy✦✦ preview
Pretty 𝔾𝕝𝕚𝕥𝕔𝕙 preview
Pretty 𝔾𝕝𝕚𝕥𝕔𝕙
Butterflies Pretty preview
Butterflies Pretty
Cute & Tanned preview
Cute & Tanned
Alone By Loren Gray preview
Alone By Loren Gray
Pretty Cute ✿ preview
Pretty Cute ✿
Kira Kira & Tan preview
Kira Kira & Tan
Pretty Secret preview
Pretty Secret
Pretty Glistening preview
Pretty Glistening
Summer Kira Kira II preview
Summer Kira Kira II
Ocean Eyes preview
Ocean Eyes
Pretty Tanned  preview
Pretty Tanned
Butterfly Princess ① preview
Butterfly Princess ①
Natural Blush preview
Natural Blush
Butterfly Princess ② preview
Butterfly Princess ②
Summer Kira Kira preview
Summer Kira Kira
Summer Butterflies preview
Summer Butterflies
One Peachy Butterfly preview
One Peachy Butterfly
One Blue Butterfly preview
One Blue Butterfly
One Pretty Butterfly preview
One Pretty Butterfly
In The Clouds preview
In The Clouds
Ariel Eyes preview
Ariel Eyes
Three Butterflies II preview
Three Butterflies II
Summer Strawberries preview
Summer Strawberries
Butterfly Pink II preview
Butterfly Pink II
Butterfly Blue preview
Butterfly Blue
Teal & Sparkle preview
Teal & Sparkle
Butterfly Tie Dye preview
Butterfly Tie Dye
Vintage Freckles preview
Vintage Freckles
Freckles & Glitter preview
Freckles & Glitter
Three Butterflies preview
Three Butterflies
Two Butterflies preview
Two Butterflies
Kira Kira Cute preview
Kira Kira Cute
Roses & Crystals preview
Roses & Crystals
Butterfly Garden preview
Butterfly Garden
Colored Eyes II preview
Colored Eyes II
Crying Bows preview
Crying Bows
PRINCESS I preview
Roses Are Pink preview
Roses Are Pink
Glitter Kitty preview
Glitter Kitty
Baby Blue preview
Baby Blue
Beach Tan Camera preview
Beach Tan Camera
Red Rose preview
Red Rose
Butterfly Gold IV preview
Butterfly Gold IV
Butterfly Pretty V preview
Butterfly Pretty V
Butterfly Pretty III preview
Butterfly Pretty III
Butterfly Love preview
Butterfly Love
Sunflower Happy preview
Sunflower Happy
Summer Tan Camera preview
Summer Tan Camera
Luna Rose Camera preview
Luna Rose Camera
Fresh Faced preview
Fresh Faced
Butterfly Cute preview
Butterfly Cute
Butterfly Rose preview
Butterfly Rose
Butterfly Pretty preview
Butterfly Pretty
Vintage Tan Camera preview
Vintage Tan Camera
Mismatched Eyes preview
Mismatched Eyes
Candy Pom preview
Candy Pom
Vintage Flair preview
Vintage Flair
Cherries For Chloe preview
Cherries For Chloe
Vintage Peach Camera preview
Vintage Peach Camera
Ariel Glow preview
Ariel Glow
Pretty Cute preview
Pretty Cute
Pastel Dreams preview
Pastel Dreams
Glittery Santa preview
Glittery Santa
Pretty Freckles  preview
Pretty Freckles
Wishful preview
Jewelled Butterflies preview
Jewelled Butterflies
Diamond Butterfly preview
Diamond Butterfly
Faux Foundation  preview
Faux Foundation
Vintage Camera preview
Vintage Camera
Pink Butterflies preview
Pink Butterflies
Mood Predictor preview
Mood Predictor
Déjà Vu preview
Déjà Vu
Pink Diamonds preview
Pink Diamonds
Sparkle on Black preview
Sparkle on Black
Diamonds on White preview
Diamonds on White
Diamonds on Black preview
Diamonds on Black
Cutest Freckles preview
Cutest Freckles
Celestial Papillon preview
Celestial Papillon
Jade Love preview
Jade Love
Winter Wonderland preview
Winter Wonderland
Trophy Wife preview
Trophy Wife
Vintage Rose Camera preview
Vintage Rose Camera
UAE Day preview
Light Glow preview
Light Glow
Glitter Tears preview
Glitter Tears
Pink Shimmer preview
Pink Shimmer