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Instagram filters from user marcwakefieldards aka mARc Wakefield : ARDS

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Zombie Dance Party preview
Zombie Dance Party
Steamy Mirror preview
Steamy Mirror
Iris Radiance preview
Iris Radiance
Stay Glassy preview
Stay Glassy
Love Machine preview
Love Machine
Twilight Years preview
Twilight Years
Illusion of Self preview
Illusion of Self
Rock Hair preview
Rock Hair
Electric Rainbow preview
Electric Rainbow
Being of Light preview
Being of Light
Vampire Nostalgia preview
Vampire Nostalgia
Creepy Clown preview
Creepy Clown
Summer Love preview
Summer Love
1980Sketch preview
Hole lot of love preview
Hole lot of love
Inverted preview
Face Switcheroo preview
Face Switcheroo
Makeup Overload preview
Makeup Overload
Dancing Eyebrows preview
Dancing Eyebrows
Edit Yourself preview
Edit Yourself
FutureShock preview
Like Hunter preview
Like Hunter
Hole in the head preview
Hole in the head