tyleeseeuh has made a lot of filters, the most popular lens it's cute leopard, this one turns the user in to a smooth skin leopard with fake ears, and some small sparkle particles.

Energy is the second most popular lens the user will feel and see the energy color aground. The gold bunny turn the user in to a mechanical gold bunny with zero emotions.

tyleeseeuh took advantage of a growing meme called ok boomer, and made the filter ok boomer, this filter uses the main camera and displays the text ok boomer around the target with small particles.

cute puppy, is probably aimed for a young audience, it's a puppy with super saturated colors, it has cartoon eyes, and the inside is a rainbow.

cute puppy by tyleeseeuh

I heard that her glitter filter gives a condition called trypophobia that is an aversion to the sight of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps, in this case the mass amount of eyes displayed in the user face.

the pink dolphin it's a great exemple of 2d on a 3d zone, and the blend of the pink in the back ground and in the dolphin make this effect very unique.

tyleeseeuh is an official lens creator for Snapchat check her profile at: