There are many variables in this question, let's start from the beginning

First one:
You have to ask your self if your effect make people look like they have had lip injections, fillers or a facelift. Why? because it will be banned, this is related to the fact that Instagram is removing this
Spark AR review times for Instagram filters that depict or promote cosmetic surgery, amid concerns they harm people's mental health. Research suggests face-changing filters can make people feel worse about the way they look.

So you can still change the face mesh but it will increase normally the review time by more than one week.

Instagram content creator danielmooney - fix me filter

Second variable is:
What is the current review time? This sounds silly but the amount of filter is always changing, the review queue can change with holly days and special season events, how can you check what is the current trend?

Simple just use this website:

This website is able to tell you what the expected time, because it collects data from various sources, and also from users and content creators with a crowdsourced data.
You can also check the raw user submitted filter information.

Spark Ar Patches system

Third variable:
How complex is your filter? How many patches are you using? If it's super complex it will take more time to review.

Final variable:
How heavy? Is your filter close to the file size limit? this will also increase the time to review by a small percentage.

From Spark AR website we can read that:

"Once you've submitted an effect made in Spark AR Studio, it will be reviewed. This can take up to 10 business days."

And also Effects submitted to both Facebook and Instagram are reviewed to make sure they follow this guide lines: