Nicholas is a creator who is both fascinated with with 3d distortion and colorful visual environments. Becoming an official lens creator for Snapchat after having effects featured in many publications online. Including Digiday and 11th Second. Nicholas knows the effort required to produce an effect suitable for capturing the imaginations of people. Often combining powerful 3d effects with color and light to convey the theme of the creations being worked on.

Elongated opening this quirky lens we first notice nothing at all that could be changing. We smile into the camera put nothing changes. Confused we glance to the corner of the screen ready to exit this unexplained experience.. and then we notice. From the side our face is different, stretched, in fact elongated. Ah ha! exactly this clever effect puts your mind at ease at first not suspecting a thing. But this is only a trick, the full power of this effect is only visible from the side. At this point we scare ourselves with a confused and distorted version of ourselves.

Distorted again Nicholas is quick to trick us into a sense of safety. We look at the screen, nothing is wrong. Of course this is not the case. Suddenly again! The camera stream freezes our face changes, our eyes grow wide, Terror! the camera zooms in to our distorted face. As the whole hue of the image flashes between different colors. Fixed in this moment we watch as the camera slowly settles, close to our face. Nicholas has done it again, found a moment we should examine and trapped us in it. Event if only virtually.

Surrounded here Nicholas has created a scene. Something to look into our own minds. Our vision of ourselves, self judgement. Here we are alone but not, cause we are surrounded. But not by any usual enemy to attack us. Something stronger, someone that knows us, us! Here we are unable to hide four other versions of us are here. Close this scary moment reminds us what we cannot escape, and what we must learn to accept.

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