First time jp pirie got some traction it made him popular enough to go to Lens Fest, this event is a yearly event specially held for Snap’s Official Lens Creators. This content creator based in London, England, bring us the most crazy filters ever, with a theme of horror, too causal masks, can't expect less from a AR Designer, train in creative technologist that wants to build AR experiences.

lens fest from snapchat

His most popular lenses are Im Jeffrey, horror clown mask, CLOWNY HORN, picks up the horror mask in a funny way, MOON FACE, it's a funny moon mask and the last one Piggy Wiggy, it makes the user look like a pig

jp pirie really likes to make filters about clowns, pigs, and horror, he has near 80 effects or filters. One of this are becoming popular and it's not related to horror, the GAP YEAR 2081 this one looks like a PUBG level 3 helmet, also known by Spetsnaz Helmet, in real life provides excellent protection and will protect the user head up until its last point of durability.

jp pirie doesn't have a personal website but he leave his email public:

Feel free to check more of his creations at his profile page: