Add Music To Your Insta Stories

Posting your stories regularly on Instagram makes you more visible. When you make the stories more interesting there are more people who will be following you. There are various ways to make your stories and posts interesting. Adding filters is one way to make them interesting. You can now add music to your Instagram posts and stories. This can add to the effect the stories have. You can make the song tell a story in a better way.

Using Music Sticker On Live Photo Or Video

This can be used to capture a photo or video with music. Usually you only add music to your photos and videos. But you can now capture your images with music. You can also add effects to the music sticker. When you have selected a song, you can then see the various options like vintage or VCR. You will be shown various options that you can use for the song you have selected.

You can select a portion of the song for adding it to your story. This can be done for your photos. You can move the slider to the portion you want to add to the photo. A 15-second selection can be added to the photo. Some of the songs even offer to show the lyrics along with the song. Once you have selected the portion you can just press done and review your story.

Once you have completed the music will appear as a sticker on your photo. You can move the sticker around to place it wherever you want. You can also change the size of the sticker by expanding it using two fingers. If you are pinning a music to a video there are more options for you. You can pin the music sticker to a person or object on your video. The sticker will move along with the object that you have pinned it.

Use External Sources To Add Music

You need not necessarily limit your choice of music to what is available on Instagram. You can share music from Spotify, Shazam or SoundCloud to your story. All these apps have the option for you to share the song on Instagram. Select the song that you want to share through your Instagram story. Use the share option to share it on Instagram. Once in Instagram you can add other effects to your story. Anyone viewing your story can hear the song from the original source by selecting the source on your story.