The Instagram user janmahavan is actually two persons Diego Salinas and Alejandro Trejo they are photographers from Chihuahua, Mexico.

The main motto is "Love is everything." and you can read more about the main objective of this two photographers.

"Our objetive We want to document the unique connection that exists between you. We will capture genuine moments. The interaction between you will be the real magic.  Our work is based on emotions: love, trust, happiness and vulnerability. Those moments that cannot be faked: the little laughs, the looks, the hugs. Let's capture those little moments!  We strongly believe that the result of your images depends largely on the connection between you and us. If you get involved in the creative process, your photographs will be great."

If you want to get to know them better, you can get information on janmahavan blog, right now it is only available in Spanish check it out here:

In Instagram janmahavan account has 121k followers and has 28 filters. janmahavan  latest effect is Diamonds, and with this we can control diamonds with our face, but his most popular filter is Glitter on White ✦ filter. Most of janmahavan effects are made with glitter that gives a shinny effect.

New filter Diamonds by janmahavan

Other Instagram filters that shine made by the account janmahavan are below feel free to click on them to try it:

glitter on black, this filter makes the black colour shine.

pixar, this game it's to be played with a friend to get a random pixar character, it also has a lot of glitter particles.

iridescent, makes white color glow and shine.

disney, this the same concept has pixar but about disney character and you can play it solo.

shine, like the filter title it is a simple but good shine filter.

dreamworks, is the same as disney and pixar filters, but with dreamworks characters.

shine bright, this filter create an aura around your head with glow particles.

banano, it's a effect about a small toad like creature that is full of glitter.

Shine Mahavan II, this one has shine and glitter but colored.

Glitter ✦, simple has the filter title Glitter ✦is a glitter effect from janmahavan.

To check more visit this website or insta account @janmahavan

Click here to try Glitter on White ✦ filter in Instagram!

And if you want to check all janmahavan filter use the website.