Filters are an integral part of Instagram. Without these filters your photos and stories would be boring and monotonous. Filters help to make your photos more exciting and these will get you more followers. Ultimately everyone wants the maximum people to know them on the social media app. Using the best filters is the way to attract people to you. Luckily you don’t have to create these filters. There are some who have used popular photo editing apps to create these filters. Let us see the top 10 whose filters are in great demand.

1. Jack Morris

A photographer and travel editor, Jack Morris collaborates with his girlfriend to create excellent filter presets using Adobe Lightroom. The main highlights of the filters are high contrast and brightness which makes the colors on your photo show more brightly.

2. Aspyn Ovard

This mother of one child makes excellent presets using Adobe Lightroom to create presets with altered exposure, increased orange saturation and skin tone luminance to make your photos more colorful.

3. Stormi Bree

This singer and actress has created Lightroom Preset Pack 1 which helps in enhancing your beach photos, romantic nigh clicks or sunset photos.

4. Christine Andrew

Known as Hello Fashion on Insta, has over 35 present filters that are sure to make your photos look better. It improves the light and colors on your pictures.

5. The Blond Abroad

Kiki, the owner of this account has created different filters to improve the beauty of landscape photographs. The filters help to bring out the beauty of a terrain in your outdoor photos. There are different filters for different terrains.

6. Samuel Taipale

This freelance photographer brings out his love for nature and the outdoors in his preset filters. His filters will help you show the beauty of your outdoor photos, no matter whether it is too sunny or cloudy.

7. Emily Davies

Do you want to enhance the beauty of your food and events photos? She is the one to follow for such photos. Check her filters and use them to make your photos look more real.

8. Meg Legs

Her filters improves the contrast and darkens the background to give your photos a hazy look.

9. Lisa Homsy

She is prolific with her preset filters. She creates one set almost every month. You will certainly find what you want on her website.

10. Jaci Marie Smith

She is a travel blogger. Her presets have to do more with seasons. They help to bring out the mood of the particular season in your photos.