Here we find a dramatically themed account with just over ten filters. All in a distinct and curious style. It seems here we have a message or a vision of what might be waiting for us. If ever we saw past the barriers of our current space. A series of lens each one more adventurous then the last. Opening our minds to possibilities outside of our comprehension. Ideas of a realm only capable of being expressed in AR. The creator Aaron Jablonski has a treat for our thoughts with visions and creations pushing the AR lens capabilities to its extents (and possibly further..).

The first effect we see Blue x80, gives us a dramatic vision of what could occur in a strange case of simulation corruption. Our self chopped and split into ever decaying pieces. Color distorted as data is lost in real time and the storage of our own form starts to disintegrate. Is this how we would fade when removing ourselves for our digital prison.

A Chair an isolated occurrence of information loss. A bug exists in the software and has gone unnoticed. This issue continues, a glitch in our own world. At first it would seem small, a chair, an extra chair. Who would notice, careful though. As with all problems in code. This might be exploited, used as a way in, or out. Who knows where this tunnel leads, or where its connected to. This is not safe.

Face Void here we have progressed. What was once a simple bug in the code, left to be discovered. Has now been exploited, expert cyber agents hide their identity. Personal features erased, no longer recognizable. They jump, nothing can contain them. Carrying out there business, ancient orders to be fulfilled. Purpose to be followed.

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