diwu is a Lens Creator and she wants to "Spread my creativity through lenses". diwu also invites you to "Join the cult." and contact her @ diwuanimation@gmail.com

Her website has a broken link from the snapchat profile but we can find it with a simple google search @ https://www.iamdiwu.com/ here we can see a lot of animations made by her but there is no information about her filters.

diwu filters or effect are all related to special year events like Fathers day, On My Mom (moms day) or even Independence Day.

Independence Day by diwu

Her most popular filter is Color Forest this one make the user look like a painting and has some particles (leafs) flying by. The second most popular filter is Bunny Twins, this len add bunny ears and a ribbon. After this too the most popular effect is the PuppyLove this one is perfect too use with you dog, it will add some little hand, holding flowers and the eyes of you dog or other pet will pop with some small cartoon hearts.

diwu did some tests with augmented reality lens with the effect Floating Glass, this one will generate some stained glass, coloured glass, that are been applied almost exclusively to the windows of churches and other significant religious buildings.

Check more at her profile @ https://lensstudio.snapchat.com/creator/H7BbT1tOBV2YltEvMWdFVg